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What does your insured see when they are invited to collaborate on a risk profile?

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The intended audience for this article is Agents.

Ever wonder what your customer sees after you invite them to collaborate on Wunderite? This article breaks down your customer's account setup experience so that you're better equipped to set expectations or answer questions.

There are three paths to invite a new customer to collaborate on Wunderite:

  1. From the Risk Profile

  2. By assigning a form

  3. By assigning individual questions on a form

Each path offers the option of sending an automated email and/or copying a link that you can send directly to your customer.

No matter how you decide to invite your customer, their experience is generally the same.

Automated Email

Wunderite generates an automated email notification to your customer's inbox. The email contains a direct link to accept the invite and access Wunderite.

Upon accepting the invite, your customer will be automatically logged in to Wunderite and prompted to review their account information. They will not need to create or manage a password.

Once account details are confirmed, they will be directed to form you assigned or the risk profile you invited them to collaborate on.

Copy a Link

When you copy and share an invite link with your customer by sending them a direct email or text message, Wunderite uses email authentication to provide secure access.

After clicking the invite link, Wunderite instructs your customer to check their inbox for a secure verification link:

The emailed verification link will automatically log your customer in to Wunderite and take them directly to the form you assigned or the risk profile you invited them to collaborate on.

Alternatively, you can watch this walkthrough as a video below.

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